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About Dr Gaikwad

Dr Hemant Gaikwad did his MBBS and DOMS from Grant Medical College and JJ Group of Hospitals where he was a General Secretary of the students union .To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of his admission to the college ,the Dr Gaikwad has written a book ‘Chakaraka Makaraka ’on the history of the Grant Medical College.

As a student he was awarded

  • 1) the Rao Bahadur Maniar Award for Skin and Veneral disease .
  • 2) the B BYodh Research Fellowship .
  • 3) the Prize paper at Bombay Medi Meet

As an intern in 1980 he started the Chirner Rural Centre. Though it started as a Sunday clinic today it is a forty bed Rural Hospital. The hospital caters to the medical needs of the rural area of Uran. .

He has conducted many medical camps in urban slums and rural areas. One of the largest camps was at Dharavi wherein almost 65000 patients were examined .Dr Gaikwad was commended by the then Speaker of India , Shri Manohar Joshi


Due to his love of the uniform he joined the Home Guards in 1986 as a platoon officer and slowly rose up the ranks .Today as Commandant he heads the organization. Homeguards is a uniformed voluntary organization that maintains essential services during manmade and natural calamities like the Latur earthquake, Orissa floods , , Bombay bomblasts, Raiway bomb blasts Terrorist attack and Tsunami.

Dr Gaikwad has received two service medals He was commended by the then Lieutenant governor of Andaman and Nicobar ,Shri Ram Kapse .

During his tenure he started the Railway Suraksha Pathak to prevent harassment/molestation of lady commuters .Today the duties also encompass the checking of commuters for concealed bombs . .He also specifically enrolled fishermen as Home Guard to guard the coast line of Mumbai especially important after the 26/11/08 terrorist attack on Mumbai city. He was also instrumental in organizing the first three Mumbai Marathons .


Professionally he is the director-proprietor of the Dr Gaikwad Paramedical Institute . He has also written eight text books for paramedicos.

He was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award for the year 2005 by Lions International .

He is a active Lion and has received four district awards and two International Presidents awards .

He has also been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award 2011

Books and films

He has also written eight text books for paramedicos.

Recently he has written a book “Shivaji Maharaj the Greatest” , and is into its third edition. The book uses 30 criteria to prove that Shivaji Maharaj was greater than all warriors starting from Alexander to Napoleon
The book won the Granthalaya Bharati Puraskar
The book has now been made into a film .

Dr Gaikwad has received a PhD(Honorary) in History .